UK Business Closure Notice

We regret to inform you that is ceasing all UK operations.

Important Information, Actions Required, and Key Dates

1.Your Funds

  • Crypto Assets: In early communications we informed all UK members about Deposits, which have not been allowed since 8th October 2023. We wish to reiterate that any attempted deposits to member whitelisted addresses will be returned, potentially incurring additional transaction fees. Hi is not responsible for funds sent from and returned to the same hot wallet, which may result in asset loss.
  • UK users must transfer all their crypto assets out of the platform by the 21st of June 2024. After this date, access will be removed and withdrawals will incur an initial £5 fee any withdrawal requests after the 31st of December 2024 will incur a £15 fee.

  • IBAN and Card: All associated products will close on the 21st July 2024. Transfers to IBAN accounts after this date will be declined. Funds held after this period will be moved to a segregated account held by our banking partner.
  • Vault and Earnings Assets: We will release all assets held in vaults and earnings, All UK members will be whitelisted so as to initiate the early release of Vault and Earning assets yourself, should you encounter any issue please contact Member Support for assistance with these releases.
  • 2.App Removal

  • Our apps will be completely removed from UK stores (iOS and Android) by 19th July 2024. Ensure you manage your accounts and complete necessary transactions before this date. The app is no longer available for new installations.
  • 3.Zero Balance Accounts

  • Accounts with a zero balance will be closed on the 20th June 2024.
  • We understand this may cause inconvenience and are here to support you through this transition. For questions or assistance, please contact our support team at

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Best regards, Support Team